The Queue allows students, instructors, advisors, and more to be productive and utilize their time more effectively.

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Open Office Hours

The Queue eliminates the need for hand-raising and trying to keep track of who raised their hand first. If an instructor has overflowing office hours, instructors can allow students can let the instructor know where they are within a nearby area, and what they need help with.

Group Formation and Active Learning

Instructors can use the Queue for group formation and explanation. By grouping students together based on the topic they are having trouble with, the instructor doesn't have to explain the same concept to several students separately. While in class, students can post questions in the queue so that instructors can better prepare themselves prior to helping them.

Real Time

Students can monitor their position in a queue without needing to refresh the page. And instructors will get notifications whenever someone new joins the queue so they can help students as quickly as possible.

Open Source

Don't see the feature you want? The Queue is open-source, so anyone can contribute new features or bug fixes.


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